Accreditation Details

  1. Tshwane Institute of Technology (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Department of Education. Registration no: 2016/FE07/003.
  2. Tshwane Institute of Technology is accredited by Umalusi Council for Quality Assurance. Accreditation no: FET00033-PA.
  3. The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Nated/16/0194.
  4. Tshwane Institute of Technology focuses on providing you with programmes of study that are career-related and academically driven.
  5. Tshwane Institute of Technology offers an opportunity to gain qualifications while you are working.
  6. Tshwane Institute of Technology certificates are academically sound and relevant in the corporate world.
  7. Tshwane Institute of Technology programmes are approved by relevant SETAs for quality assurance.

Our Associates, Partners And Collaborations

  • We have entered into agreements with a number of professional organisations to service the specific needs of our clients.
  • Advocates, Forensic Investigators, Education & Training Practitioners, Assessors, Moderators, Accountants, Engineers, Project Managers, Marketing Gurus, Business Development Managers, IT Experts, and Labour Relations Experts.
  • Various SETAS, Universities, Technikons, Local Government, National Government, Parastatals, Corporate Companies, Small Businesses and Municipalities.
  • Mentors who are retired professionals with the highest qualifications in Police Science, Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Agricultural Engineering. Many of them hold doctorates and professorships in Subject Matter expertise.

Additional Accreditation details and affiliation status are as follows:

  • SASSETA Accreditation number :           07197003976
  • Professional Registration – PSIRA :           1096422
  • SERVICES SETA (MOU – Corpro) :           0660

More details can be obtained from the Department of Education and Umalusi Websites: respectively.

Regulation and General Information

Entrance requirements

Being a Further Education and Training Institution, the general minimum requirements for most of our programmes is Grade 12. However each programme has its own specific entry requirements: applicants with professional background and also mature candidates are eligible to apply and register.

Mode of instruction

The language of instruction for all our programmes is English.

The programmes are conducted primarily in the form of lectures, active class participation and practical’s (both internally and externally)

Assessment Method

The courses are examined by means of active participation in class, oral presentation, regular class attendance, assignments, periodic tests, and final examinations at the end of each semester or trimester

  • The Department of Education manages the examining and certification of our learners.
  • All short programs are managed by PEG


The Fundamental components for these Qualifications are also available to form part of a Skill

Program and will be tailor-made to suite your requirements.

The skills programs for General Security Practices (Patrol Security Officer; Access control officer; Asset & reaction officer; Security First Line Supervision and Security Supervisor) are replacing the old Grade A – E programs of PSIRA. We offer a RPL process to accelerate the conversion of all Security Guards. A list of the entire individual unit standard is available on request.

Introduction to Programmes

The following Qualifications are available: 

Qualification Code Qualification Title NQF Level Credits
50080 FET Certificate: Project Management 4 136
49648 National Certificate: New Venture Creation (SMME) 2 138
66249 FET Certificate: New Venture Creation 4 149
57712 Further Education and Training Certificate: Management 4 150
61595 National Certificate: Business Administration Services 4 140
58577 National Certificate: General Security Practices (plus Skills Programs) 3 124
59989 National Certificate: Resolving of Crime 5 120
58696 National Certificate: Close Protection 5 131
49597 National Certificate: Paralegal Practice 5 131
65409 National Certificate: Building and Civil Constructions 3 140
50334 National Diploma: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices 5 120
57831 National Certificate: Freight Handling 3 128
24133 National Certificate: Construction – Roadworks 2 120