The Electrical Engineering Certificate course is aimed at people considering a career in electronic and electrical installation and maintenance. The main focus is preparing you to work with professional electronic and electrical engineers, technologist and technicians in researches, designs, installs, and tests electrical and electronic equipment and supervises its manufacture.

You will learn:

  • How to create and assist in the processes which generate electrical energy and with the task of distributing electrical energy to the consumer.
  • How to test and maintain equipment linked to these processes; and identify and diagnose the possible causes of electrical problems and then rectify these.


The following are potential employers:

  • Government departments.
  • Mining industry.
  • Such organizations as Transnet, Eskom, Mittal Steel, CSIR, Sasol, Kentron, SABS, SABC.
  • Municipalities.
  • Universities and universities of technology.
  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment.
  • Private engineering consultants.
  • Self-employment, with enough experience and initiative, can work as a consultant or start own manufacturing or engineering company.


N1 – N3

  • Mathematics

  • Engineering Science

  • Electro- Technology

  • Electrical Trade Theory

  • Industrial Electronics

N4 – N6

  • Mathematics

  • Engineering Science

  • Electrotechnics

  • Industrial Electronics

  • Power Machines (N5-N6)

Introduction to Programmes

Upon completion of this programme, candidates will be awarded N4, N5 & N6 Certificates

12 Months Enrolment: 3 Trimesters

Course Fee Deposit Installment

Registration Fee: R 500.00

Deposit: R 2 000.00

Monthly Payment: R 1 000.00 x 12

Total Course Fee: R 14 500.00 (Reg Included)

Once of Payment Price (EFT): R 13 100 (10% Discount)


4 Months Enrolment 1 Trimester

Registration Fee: R 500.00

Deposit: R 2 000.00

Monthly Payment: R 1 000.00 x 4

Total: R 6 500.00 (Reg Included)

Once off Payment (EFT): R 5 900.00 (10% Discount)


Programme Starts February 2017

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